Happy New Year!

Hey guys, I know it's still a few hours away, but I just wanted to wish you guys a Happy New Year. I'm really thankful I found LJ and you guys this year, and here's hoping 2006 is a good one.
Mal & Inara

Serenity on DVD

Hey guys, it's me again, here to remind you Serenity was released on DVD today. So please, please give it a try. You can rent it if you aren't sure it's your cup of tea, but if you buy it, I'll give ya a slice of virtual cake! There ya go. (It's made out of protien paste, but I made it as chocolate-y tasting as possible...) Also, makes a great stocking stuffer. Seriously. You could make a geek very happy. Possibly even turn a 'normal' person into a geek, who would then be happy.

Oh, and...

Merry Christmas, everyone!
Evil Sheep!

Watch Arrested Development!

If you watch Arrested Development, good for you! If you haven't...well, here's your chance. FOX is doing what it does best - trying to tear a family apart. Tune in and help show them why they would be making a huge mistake to send the Bluths packing.

Free Frozen Bananas for all who tune in!*

*Brenah Thorne's Free Frozen Banana promotion is valid only for those who have proof of watching the Dec. 5th episode of Arrested Development. 1 Virtual Frozen Banana for each viewer only, please. Brenah Thorne is in no way responsible for any injury caused by said Virtual Frozen Banana. Any legal matters will be handled by Bob Loblaw.

Serenity Day!

Hey guys, just wanted to remind you to watch Serenity, now in theaters!

I had the pleasure of watching a pre-screening on Tuesday night, thanks to the local newspaper, and I also went to a 12:01 showing last night/this morning, however you look at it. Yes, I wore my Browncoat like the geek I am. (Of course, it was faaar too hot to wear for the whole night, so I had to take it off and just leave my Mal/Zoe hybrid outfit on.)

It's all kinds of good, even if it's not *exactly* like Firefly. The tone is different, but I like it. Hopefully I'll catch it tomorrow at the first showing.

But please, please go see this movie. Joss and Co. worked so hard to make this, and it is fantastic. It's a sci-fi movie with actual people (who are awesome) and great dialogue. (Imagine that!) Also, look at the cast! They are so. very. pretty. If it makes 80mil, we get a sequel, and possibly the show will return. This would be a good thing. So please visit your theater and take a wild ride round the 'Verse. We'd love to have ya along.

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